Monday, August 27, 2012


I just released a new pattern on Ravelry and it's a free one! Check it out here!

What else?? I have 2, yes 2!!!, commission designs (of sorts) and am VERY excited about that!

I have 5 patterns in my Ravelry shop now! :D

I am having a blast in general and I keep forgetting to use my blog for what it should be used for!

So... I'm quickly updating this morning and hope you all, (whoever you are!) keep it real! ;)


Unknown said...

I recently spent $20.00 on your patterns and I am so enamoured of one of them, I am dying my own yarn for it. Well, not *MY* yarn. I am not a sheep and do not spin, yet. I also do not knit with my dog's fur, because so many people think it's squicky, but she has an amazing undercoat and it all comes out twice a year. Husky.

Josh said...

Love it! :D