Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the Mystery KAL!!

Hey, ya'll!! Here I am updating my page about three weeks after the end of the KAL!....

So the KAL went smashing and I had about three people who were participating in the actual KAL and about __ more who have the pattern! I really have no idea if there are/were more, but thanks to all who participated and if I missed ya, sorry!:)

Now what's new! Well, the Mystery KAL was renamed the Structured Shadows shawl and that's what's new there...

A few more designs are on paper, not written, nor knitted yet, but the schematics are on paper!! So I hope to get knitting on those and get those out for some new blood in my knitting pattern portfolio!

What else? A new brother was born at the end of January, bring my family total to 12 kids, making us an even dozen!

Just got over a bad cold that is still affecting me at times, but at least i'm past the splitting headaches and the fever! But enough of the icky details! What's done is done!

So plans for the rest of the month:

To get some of those patterns off the paper and into written and knitted items!

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