Thursday, May 9, 2013


I finished the body of a pair of mitts I've been designing. They hath no name, but virtue aplenty and thus the skies with their bless'd rhythm doth in their courses dance as the sprites upon a summer's night smiling with joy upon the masses of humanity. They are one of my most favorite and secret designs at the moment and they are EPIC! they are made in one piece, though they look as though they were pieced together and made in pieces, they are not. They are made out of worsted weight and knit on US size 7 (or 8) and will be perfect for that special gift you just might need. So today's post is a bit of a shameless self-promotion, but it's an update and as such, deserves to be told. Besides, if I bemoaned my mental state (currently better then yesterday, but tired) and complained about the weather (gloomy, cloudy, and ominous) then you would ignore my words and pass by. Besides all of that, what would I write about today?


Enid said...

why have my previous comments disappeared?

Enid said...

hmm reappeared....weird